Current giveaway campaign: 1 ZCL welcome bonus for first 70 miners, starting from 6th of February 2019, 17:00:00 UTC
(minimum hashing power of 10 kSol avg/24h needed)

* Giveaways are paid after 24h hours of mining, when requested on Discord or Telegram. The payments will be posted on Bitcointalk and in our Discord channel.
Current Round Shares
Last Block Found
~10 hours ago
Top miners
Address Stratum Shares Efficiency Hashrate
t1MoAGSvYoty9EQa9p6JEA2xKCocYHRrnqq EU 3243448.14 99.77% 857.00 KSol/s
t1Jqz9ZdAMSaPx1Cw7tUxxuH81QJVFxhF77 US 65295.68 100% 17.15 KSol/s
t1dvW18HaS8mHDnQh9BZz6UV1cmnWfkSnE7 EU 48226.3 100% 8.24 KSol/s
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